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The WorkShade is a sun shade sail designed to keep your shipping container cool during the hot summer months.

The permeable, weatherproof sail serves as a barrier between the sun and your container while allowing air to flow between the cover and the roof aiding in the cooling process.

The galvanized steel framework provides a secure and robust structure for the sail, with the clasps and fixtures designed for quick, easy application and removal of the shade without causing damage to the container's metalwork. The framework securely bolts to the corner castings of your container or structure.

The shape of the sail structure provides a degree of shade around the perimeter of the whole container, with an extended overhang part on one side, to allow for a larger shaded work area outside.

WorkShade can be used alongside our Weather Tarp product (as seen in the product photos) to further insulate your container from heat, allowing you to better regulate the internal temperature of your container, and a more conducive storage and work environment in the hot summer months.

WorkShade is designed to fit all standard 20-foot containers. The framework is guaranteed for 5 years, while the shade itself is guaranteed for 3 years.

Cover width: 375 cm

Cover length: 580 cm  / 610 cm 

Cover height off container: 48 cm / 77 cm

Overhang from the container:  60 cm / 1690 cm

Total maximum height (including container): 336 cm

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