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The Weather Tarp is a re-inforced industrial-strength PVC cover that protects your shipping container against the most formidable weather conditions.

The Weather Tarp serves as a watertight shield, keeping the roof of your shipping container dry and preventing rust from forming. Additionally, the Weather Tarp offers the flexibility of incorporating a heat insulation layer (insulation material is not included with this product) between the tarp and your container. This feature allows you to better regulate the internal temperature of your container, allowing for a more conducive storage and work environment.

What does the Weather Tarp do?


  • Extends the lifespan of your shipping container by preventing the roof from rusting
  • Allows for the placement of heat insulation panels on the roof of your container 
  • Provides cost-effective, swift, and hassle-free set-up, removal, and re-use. 


Product highlights

The cover includes steel clamps that secure the four corner castings and side ridges of your shipping container, guaranteeing waterproof reliability, even under the most windy and rainy conditions. 

In addition, the cover's UV coating applied during production ensures this cover holds up for years under the most unforgiving sunshine.

The Weather Tarp is available in 3 different sizes, designed to accommodate containers measuring 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet in length. The steel side ridge clamps are compatible with all types of container side configurations.


  • Base Fabric (D) | High-strength polyester yarn
    Weight (g/m2) | 610g
    Thickness Approx. | 0.7mm
    Tensile Strength (N/5cm) | 3200 / 2800
    Adhesion Strength (N/5cm) | 450 / 300
    Temperature Resistance | –30 to +70 C
    Flame Resistant | Yes (Class B2 level)
    Certification & Standards | DIN EN60001, ISO2286-2, DIN53354, DIN53363, DIN53357, DIN4102, DIN EN1876-2

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