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The WorkShell is a weather-proof storage shelter that attaches to shipping containers and other structures. It allows customers to expand their work space, protect their equipment, and be more productive.

Complies with the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE 7-16 and the American Institute of Steel Construction AISC 360-16 standards, as well as AS and BS standards.

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We sell the WorkShell through a network of local dealers as well as direct to customers if your area is not covered by one of our dealers. 

Input your details below and we (or one of our dealers) will send you a transportation quote, as well as additional information you might find helpful when making a decision. 

Do you want Endwalls on your WorkShell?
What setting would you be using the WorkShell in?

Thanks. We'll be in touch.

US +1 833 633 0977  |
1317 Edgewater Drive, Suite 1737, Orlando, FL, 32804, USA

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