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The WorkShell is a weather-proof storage shelter that attaches to shipping containers and other structures. It allows customers to expand their workspace, safeguard equipment, and boost productivity.

Compliance with industry standards is a priority for the WorkShell. It adheres to the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE 7-16, the American Institute of Steel Construction AISC 360-16, as well as AS and BS standards.


With a width of 20ft (606cm), the WorkShell is available in sections of the same length. One section conveniently fits along the long side of a standard 20ft shipping container, while two sections can be accommodated on a 40ft container. When mounted on a shipping container, the WorkShell reaches a peak height of 14ft 5 inches (440cm). In the event that an end wall is utilized, the door opening measures 9ft 9.32 inches x 10ft 8.74 inches (298cm x 327cm).


The WorkShell boasts a fully modular system, providing flexibility in set-up configurations. It can be installed with just the roof or with the addition of one or two end walls to enclose the structure. It offers versatile attachment options, enabling direct connection to shipping containers or securement to supporting walls.


Assembling the WorkShell is straightforward, requiring standard work tools, and typically takes 1-2 days.

Width: 20ft (606cm)

Length: 20ft (606cm)

Roof Side Height: 1ft 9.7 inches (60cm)

Roof Peak Height: 8ft 6 inches (180cm)

Total Height (including container): 14ft 5 inches (440cm)

Door Opening (on end wall): 9 ft 9.32inches x 10ft 8.74 inches (298cm x 327cm)

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